Team up in the fight against addiction and recruit others to join you at the Shatterproof Challenge Rappelling Series.

Teams are 2 or more individuals who fundraise and rappel for the Shatterproof Challenge. Every team member is required to register and raise an average of $1000 each for non-event sponsor teams and $500 each for event sponsor teams.

Team Captains have access to a variety of resources, including a team webpage and tools for recruiting and fundraising. In addition, you are assigned a Shatterproof fundraising coach to help you from start to finish. If you have any questions or need help managing your team please contact

Team FAQ

What is the minimum number of rappellers on a team?
Two or more registered participants make up a team.

What is the maximum number of rappellers on a team?
As long as there are open spots in the event, there is no limit to the size of your team. 

Does every team member need to register and create their own account?
Yes, each team member must register for the event and create their own Personal Fundraising Page.

Is every team member required to raise $1,000 or more?
The team is required to raise an average of $1000 per person for non-sponsor teams and $500 per person for event sponsor teams.

Does every team member have to register?
Yes, every team member that is planning on rappelling is required to register for the event.

What are the benefits of being a team?
In addition to the fun that comes with rappelling together; teams are given priority to rappel together and team signs are provided for your team photo.  

How do we fundraise as a team?
Every team member’s individual fundraising contributes to the team total, in addition donors are able to make a donation to the team on the team webpage.

My company has teams in multiple cities. How do we become a National Team? 
Contact Nancy Palo at or 347-281-1465 to learn more. 


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