Volunteer at the Shatterproof Challenge

Not quite ready to step over the edge as a rappeller? You can help us by volunteering!

Job Descriptions

Check-In Support
As participants arrive on site, you will greet them, verify their participation, and help them complete any paperwork needed, collect their personal items, and provide them with a T-shirt. You will then introduce them to their escort for the day. Check-In volunteers are often the primary point of contact for spectators as well, providing information about the event and Shatterproof.


You will be welcoming participants and spectators to the event and encouraging them to cheer on our rappellers. You will likely be a point of contact providing information about the event and Shatterproof to spectators.


You will be escorting groups of participants and gear to and from a variety of points of the rappelling experience.


Roof Captains
Your main role will be to communicate the names of the rappellers on the roof down to the DJ at ground level by texting on your cell phone, and relaying any other messages from the roof to the Shatterproof team. We also recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen, depending upon the weather.


Rope Volunteers
Assisting with harnesses and other gear, loading participants onto ropes, maintaining effective communication, providing ground belay, and unclipping participants from the ropes at the end of their rappel. All equipment is provided by our partner, Over The Edge, and some heavy lifting may be required. Previous experience with rope safety systems including but not limited to: rock climbing instruction, high angle rescue, ropes course facilitation, industrial rope access, rappel training in military or law enforcement, etc. Volunteers should be able to work on their feet in a physically demanding way, inside or outside, throughout the duration of the event. All volunteers should be able to work as a team, take directions well, and have the ability to complete the described duties.


Have questions? Contact support@shatterproof.org.